Forever Living is a very simple but powerful business opportunity. There are only 4 steps to the business cycle that we need to master.

Step 1. Make a list of everyone that you know, from friends and family to work colleagues, literally everyone!

Step 2. Contact each person on your “who do you know list” (known as WDYKL for short). Contact each person in the way that you would normally communicate with them, whether that’s a phone call, a Facebook message, a text message, e-mail or simply face to face. Ask your upline for advice on what to say or put in your messages to your contact list. They key is to getting them open to taking a look at a 5 minute video (shown below) that you would like to send them which will find out if they are interested or not in what you do!

There are different ways to contact people on your WDYKL.

  • You can meet a prospect one to one over a coffee.
  • You can send the prospect directly to watch Natalie’s 5 minute video (shown below) that explains what we do.
  • You can expose your prospects to a mini business presentation at a product launch.

The 5 minute video that you send them to would be the one below which was recorded by the UK number 1 distributor.

Step 3. Business Presentation – Once your prospect has seen Natalie’s 5 minute video or has shown an interest in wanting to find out more about the business opportunity and what you do – your job is simply to get your prospect to see the business presentation. This can be done in one of three ways depending on the prospects circumstances.

  • 1. Ideally you will aim to get your prospect to attend one of the business presentation meetings held locally. These meetings are run by Forever Living leaders in the area. Meetings are held all over the country each week so there will be one nearby! You will then meet your prospect there. The presentation is typically only 1 hour long and prospects will typically either want to join straight after the presentation, decide it is not for them or perhaps they will have some questions which you can answer before they join.
  • 2. You can meet with your prospect again on a one to one basis and show them the business presentation on your iPad, laptop or a booklet.
  • 3. If the prospect is not local to you and you cannot meet them or get them to attend a local business presentation with you, then simply send them to a video recording of the online business presentation.

Whichever of the 3 options you choose, it is important to find out quickly if the prospect has any more questions that might be preventing them from making a positive decision to join and then simply sign them up and help them get started on their Forever Living journey with you!

Below is a downloadable PDF document which is a copy of the Forever Living Business Presentation. This is what your prospect would see at a local hotel meeting as mentioned above or you would show this presentation directly to your prospect one to one.

forever living business presentation

The video below is the video you would send to your prospect if they were not local enough to be able to attend a hotel business presentation with you and or it would not be practical to meet for a one to one business presentation. After they have watched the video, simply follow up with them with a view to getting them registered or answering any questions before signing them up.

Step 4. Action – At this point your prospect will either want to join immediately or decide that it might not be right for them at the moment. If a prospect doesn’t join, always keep in touch with them and update them on your progress as one day, the timing might be better for them. If the prospect does want to join however, simply sign them up via the Forever Living online application form and welcome them to your team!

The Forever Living Online Application Form to sign up new distributors can be found here:

  • Book an appointment with your new team member within the first week of them joining. At this appointment you will discuss their goals and dreams, provide training to them and help them plan their business to meet their goals and income requirements.

Ultimately the faster you can take people through this simple cycle, the faster your business and your income will grow.

The Business Cycle Is Summarised Below

forever living business cycle