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Arguably the most powerful attraction of network marketing is the financial and time leverage it can create. One of the biggest frustrations with a traditional job structure is that you simply earn a fixed wage for every hour of work that you do. Typically therefore, if you are not “working,” you are not “earning!”

The Problem With A Job

The traditional job environment is one that most people have accepted as the norm and have bought into it for many decades. After all – we have all been taught from an early age to go to school, work hard, get good grades, go to university, get a good job with a good pension!! Unfortunately this consensus thinking approach is fundamentally flawed in todays performance based economy and it often leads to a life of struggle, accepting mediocrity and toleration!! Following societies advice is effectively keeping many people in the workplace poor!

network marketing leverageTo prove the point, just ask yourself this simple question. How many people do you know in a traditional job who are fully happy, live in the house they would love to live in, drive the car they would love to drive and go on the holidays they would love to go on?! Do you know anyone? I certainly don’t! It is a sad reality that most people in a traditional job environment or the corporate world are simply tolerating lives of mediocrity.

They live in the house that they can afford to live in rather than the house they would aspire to live in. They drive the car that their income says they can afford rather than the car they would ideally like. They also accept the holiday that they can afford to go on rather than the holiday they would dream about going on! Many people follow this pattern of toleration every single year without questioning it – they just accept it as the norm. This is such a shame! It is no surprise that the word “job” has an acronym “just over broke”! Many people are earning just enough to get by.

It is therefore impossible to create financial and time leverage with a traditional job. In a job, you are quite simply trading time for money. You are trading a proportion of your life for a fixed wage each and every month. Many people do the same job day in and day out for many years – often decades! Very few people stop to question “why” they do what they do – they just do it. A job quickly becomes part of the daily routine and rarely do people stop to think if there could be a better way to earn money!

Financial Freedom Is Available In Network Marketing

We are incredibly lucky as human beings that we have the unique power of independent thought. It makes me sad however, that 95% of the population choose to follow the traditional network marketing leveragejob plan which is flawed in so many ways. Many people feel undervalued, underpaid and oppressed in the work place, yet most people just carry on and accept this.

For the individuals who are actually prepared to open their mind to a powerful alternative to a traditional job, they will at some point stumble across network marketing in their search for freedom and a better way.

Network marketing is all about new possibilities and believing that if we are prepared to put the hard work in, then we can achieve our goals whatever they may be.  Network marketing as a vehicle gives us the opportunity to leverage both money and time.  People have the potential to achieve far more financial abundance and time freedom in their lives working 1-6 months in network marketing, than they ever would do by working 1-6 years in a conventional job!

Our Business Partner Mark – Shares A Powerful Message

We Are All Network Marketers!

The concept of network marketing is so simple – we have all been doing network marketing for years, probably without even realising it! Network marketing is also known as referral network marketing leveragemarketing. So, whenever we have seen a good film or eaten at a fantastic restaurant, we have naturally told people about it and made a recommendation to them.

Every time we recommend that film or that restaurant we are effectively helping to build other peoples businesses for them by our word of mouth and we never even get a “thank you” for it!! In network marketing however, we get paid for doing exactly that, we simply recommend something that we passionately believe in.

When you do your research, you will find that there are a lot of different network marketing businesses out there! You need to make sure that you are involved with a stable debt free company and a product that really excites you and you believe in 100%.  If you are naturally excited about what you do then when you recommend something to someone else you are automatically seen in an attractive light by the other person and your enthusiasm will become infectious!  This is when your network marketing business will really take off and you will not be able to stop it!!

Network Marketing Is Mainly A Time Investment

Network marketing is about an investment of our time for the advantage of financial and time freedom in the future. A farmer who sows his seeds today understands that he will not be paid for his efforts today.  By comparison, a successful network marketer also understands that time and effort is required especially in the early days to self-educate and nourish a burgeoning business for continued future success.

network marketing leverageNetwork marketing is not about short term gratification.  When network marketing is done correctly it naturally teaches us the difference between exchanging an hour of our time for money (like 95% of the working population do) and the concept of time leverage that can ultimately create true wealth, lifestyle abundance and financial and time freedom.

A successful network marketing business can be run in spare time hours. You can do it outside of your main job and any other commitments that you may have. It does not matter how busy you think you are – you can still run a network marketing business if your desire to make a change is powerful enough! You do not need any qualifications for network marketing. All you need is a determination to succeed, commitment, focus and belief.

Any training you need is provided by the company and your referrer who is also known as your upline/sponsor. If you are sick and fed up of being sick and fed up in the workplace, then network marketing is probably for you. If you are ambitious and know that you are worth more than your boss is prepared to pay you, then network marketing is definitely for you!!


In conclusion, the downside of working only a conventional job, is that you inevitably run out of time because when you stop working, you pretty much stop earning!  This is why 95% of the working population get to retirement age and then look back with regret and are completely disillusioned by the massive lack of income they have to supposedly enjoy their retirement with. As Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad best selling book) said, network marketing is highly recommended – “network marketing is the business of the 21st century.”

network marketing leverageFamous entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump are huge advocates of network marketing. Network marketing is fast attracting more professionals from the corporate world every single day. People are starting to see why network marketing is a better way of securing your financial future. You are fully in control with network marketing which is a crucial benefit in todays uncertain economy. If you decide to join a successful network marketing business, you can literally own your own life. You then have the potential to enjoy all the financial and time freedom that comes with that. The choice is yours.

I’ll leave you with 2 famous network marketing quotes from one of my favourite mentors called Jim Rohn. He is a world renowned philosopher and educator.

“You should work full time on your job and part time on your fortune until such time as you go full time on your fortune.”

“Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living, profits will make you a fortune!”

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