Recruitment is essential in your Forever Living business if you want to achieve the larger incomes available.

To build a very strong and stable Forever Living business, we need to aim to do 8CC per month personally. This means that we need recruit 2 people per month into our team which is 4CC and we should aim to do another 4CC from retailing the products. This will give us 8CC per month. We simply follow this cycle ourselves by sticking to the monthly activity plan every month and teach each new team member how to do exactly the same.

The recruitment process is simple. We are looking to find people who are looking to earn extra money from home around their current commitments. We are also looking for people who generally want to change their life for the better and for people who have a strong reason ‘why.’

There are many different ways of approaching people. Pick the method of communication that feels comfortable and the one that you would normally use with that person, whether that’s Facebook message, phone call, text etc. Once you have made contact with someone about the business and shown them the ‘5 Minute Video‘, you simply need to follow up with them quickly to answer any questions they may have and find out what they thought and what they liked best.

The PDF link below is what you will show to someone who has shown an interest in the business opportunity (after watching the 5 minute video) and wants to find out more. You would normally show this PDF face to face with the prospect (known as a 1-2-1) or meet the prospect at a business presentation meeting in your local area so that they can see this presentation there amongst the excitement of other people.

Click On The Image Below To Download Or View The Forever Living Business Presentation

forever living business presentation