forever living retailingThe retailing plan of action with Forever Living is incredibly simple.

First of all, we must become a product of the product. We must become our own best customer so that we can recommend the products with integrity and passion.

We are only EVER looking to find 20-30 customers that we can offer repeatable products to each and every month. Ideally we are therefore looking for 20-30 customers who will consume our most popular consumable products which are the Forever Living Aloe Vera drinking gels.

As Forever Living is trading in 158+ countries worldwide it is a truly global company. There is therefore a ‘global currency’ value which is used for any products ordered which is known as a Case Credit. Every single product in the Forever Living range has its own case credit value. Case credits are often referred to a CC’s.

1 CC is equivalent to approximately £229 of products at retail price and £159 at wholesale price.

When we joined Forever Living we would have ordered our New Distributor Pack (NDP) for £199.75 and instantly become a Forever Business Owner at the Assistant Supervisor level. We are then able to buy products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. We are able to buy products at a massive 35% discount compared to the retail price. This instantly gives us a great profit margin when we sell products to customers. Over time as we progress through the marketing plan, this discount rises to an incredible 48%! At this point we are almost making 50% profit on every product we sell!

In order to build a consistent and stable business we are aiming to sell 4CC’s worth of product per month from our retailing efforts. This will automatically give us a cash in hand profit of just under £300 per month.

Doing the maths! Each bottle of Aloe Vera drinking gel typically has a case credit value of 0.1CC. Ideally we would recommend that a customer should consume 60ml of Aloe Vera drinking gel every morning as a minimum. A 1 litre bottle would therefore last 16 days and on this basis most customers would need to consume 2 bottles per month (0.2CC). Some customers might not be able to afford to drink 2 bottles per month despite the health benefits, so these customers might choose to consume say 30ml per day as a bare minimum and make their 1 litre bottle last 1 month (0.1CC). That is absolutely fine. The point is that if over time you only ever find 20 customers to consume 2 bottles per month each, that’s 0.2CC x 20 = 4CC per month = just under £300 profit. We say 20-30 customers as we recognise that some customers will be happy to consume 2 bottles per month and others will be happy to consume only 1 product per month. Bear in mind that sometimes customers will try a bottle of Aloe Vera gel and not re-order another one, but we are looking for 20-30 regular customers who will want to order every single month.

There are loads of different ways that you can sell the products but some of the most effective ways of recommending and promoting the Forever Living products are:

  • Personal Use – Change all of your branded products from around the home for Forever Living products instead. Choose which Aloe Vera drinking gel is best for you, drink this every day and make it part of your daily routine. forever living personal useDecide what other Forever Living products you want to use on a daily basis. If you are unsure, we would recommend that everyone drink the Aloe Vera drinking gels every day and also look at taking the Bee Pollen supplement. Over time, start to introduce yourself to more best selling products so that you can recommend them to others. After all – you will only be able to recommend products that you have had personal experience of.
  • Product Launches at your own home or at other peoples homes. In the early days of your business when you are looking to find your customers quickly, this is one of the best ways to do it. There will typically be 2-5 people at a product launch party. forever living product launchThe theme for the product launch is up to you. Doing face masks or foot spas work well, but ultimately your goal is to show your best selling products from your NDP to your guests and explain the benefits of each product. Encouraging your guests to try the products is essential as this helps to position them as a potential buyer. Having explained the benefits of the 4 types or Aloe Vera drinking gels, you will then need to let your guests taste them. We know that we are ideally looking for 20-30 Aloe Vera gel drinking customers, so this stage is very important! We would also talk about the best selling cleanse program called Clean 9. Finally you will briefly explain to your guests why you got involved with Forever Living and summarise the business opportunity that is available to them or anyone that they know.
  • Clean 9 – Do the Clean 9 yourself as soon as possible and then recommend it to others.
  • PUPP Baskets – these are simply small baskets which display a small amount of the best selling products from your NDP. forever living puppYou can make up different types of baskets to suit the person you are giving them to. For example, mother and baby baskets, skincare basket, sports basket, general toiletries basket. The idea here is to offer a basket to someone in return for feedback on the products. You will typically leave the basket with someone for around 48 hours before collecting it back. The more you do this activity, the more orders you will get.
  • Talk To People – word of mouth is powerful in this business. Simply talk to everyone about the products and their benefits. Listen out for opportunities to position our products in front of as many people as possible and sell based upon personal recommendation. Everyone knows people who would like to look and feel better. Everyone also knows people who perhaps want to have more energy, or have eczema, colitis, crohn’s, IBS, psoriasis etc. We have products that are massively helpful and beneficial for everyone.